Canine Frozen Assets LLC offers a program to the breeder that has spent a lifetime in dogs but due to death, bills for storage have piled up, and the survivors were not aware. The remaining family is not interested in the frozen semen of dogs owned by the breeder, but don’t know what to do. Many times, no provisions have been provided for this semen, and the semen bank may not keep it without payment, so it gets destroyed.

We want to offer an alternative for this problem. Simply put, we will work with the family to transfer the ownership to us, then we will work with the Parent Club of that breed to place the frozen semen with possible interested parties. Monies (minus expenses) received from the placing will be donated to that Breed’s Parent Club, in the original owners name. The Parent club may use these funds where needed for the breed.

We do not want to see assets lost due to death of owners, and so many times this is what happens. We want to be involved with the preservation of someone’s life work, and allow a breed club to benefit from that. Consider Canine Frozen Assets LLC for assistance in this type of situation. Contact Julie or Kayleen for further information, or to see if we can help.

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