Canine Frozen Assets LLC

About Us
Canine Frozen Assets LLC is a venue to showcase and list what breeders have in frozen semen for the world to view. In creating this website, we also broadened the options to include Live Cover or Fresh Chilled as well, for the dogs that are still with us. You may list your dog, with all the information you want to share with the dog world, i.e. pedigrees, pictures, health testing , show titles, field and working titles, and of course, your contact and owner information! We all want accessibility, and with this venue, you share your dog’s information and anyone world-wide can look up your breed and your dog. You can add a video on your page, especially good for the performance and companion events! Imagine having someone contact you for more info on a dog you listed, and they saw on this site, because they were looking for a good stud dog. If you are like me and been in dogs for decades, my old dogs are not familiar dogs to today’s new breeders, but this is a way to bring the past and the future together. What a way to make the investment in your breeding program accessible to today’s Preservation breeders worldwide!
Our Mission
Canine Frozen Assets LLC came about over a period of months, following the day I received five frozen semen bills in the mail. As I was tallying up the amount of these bills, it occurred to me that very few people in my breed ( PWDS ) would even know what dogs of mine were available through frozen semen. I spoke with my dog show friends and fellow breeders, I asked questions and listened to the answers, and found out that others felt the same way about their frozen semen. It became an obsession of mine to develop a way to have one place for all breeds to post what dogs are available in frozen semen. We will be working to spread the word about our website, and we will be focused on growing our name recognition, so that together, we can be the site for what’s available in stud dogs world-wide, frozen semen or otherwise. Watch for our advertising showing up all over our dog world.
The Breeder's Collection
The Breeder’s Collection is where you will list a page for your dog. You will be able to put any info you deem important about your dog, and anyone searching your breed, will be able to read your dog’s information and contact you directly. This allows you, as the stud owner, to control your breeding program, and make decisions as you would on any breeding. You will just have more exposure for your available dogs. Plus, you will have to ability to see what else is out there that you may be interested in! We do hope that more doors will be open, with more options to look at, and more friendships will be created from a passion that we all share.

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