GCHB. Lunn’s Viceroy

Irish Setter
StrongsvilleOHIO, United States
GCHB. Lunn’s Viceroy
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GCHB. Lunn’s Viceroy

Born July 2013
Preservation Type: Fresh Chilled, Frozen, Natural

MJ- short for Mason Junior, finished from the bred by class at 12 months. A super sweet boy that just loves people. MJ has one litter on the ground with a couple on their way to finishing. MJ puts on a beautiful topline and croupe with beautiful dark eye and pigment. Also puts on amazing coat.

General & Lineage Health History

OFA good
Thyroid normal
PRA clear by parentage

Titles & Stats


Owner's Comments

MJ has a lot to offer. Not a tall dog but beautiful bone and substance


Krista Musil